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Aequitate specialises in offering private dispute resolution services, on a national scale, by our highly experienced team of panellists.


We focus on resolving workplace conflict amicably by mediation or any other agreed method of alternate dispute resolution. Human Resources Managers and Trade Union Representatives alike are now getting fed up with having to attend to numerous internal disciplinary hearings and grievances which could easily be resolved by effective conflict management by Management.


There are many ways to tackle a dispute and to engage in and with conflict. Litigation is not always the best way to resolve issues and, in many cases, detracts from a focus on resolution and is not an efficient and effective process.


Workplace Mediation is a structured and facilitated process in which parties in conflict work with a neutral mediator to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome.



As of 9 March 2020 ‘and in the Magistrates Court since June 2023, parties are required to consider mediation for every new matter instituted in a High Court of South Africa. Non-compliance with this new rule could result in a party receiving an “irregular step” notice This could significantly delay the finalisation of a matter, and lead to unnecessary costs.


Mediation is fast becoming the preferred means of dealing with disputes.The amount of time to mediate a successful outcome can vary. Cases can often be settled in a few hours over a single session. However, some cases take more time. This all depends on the parties’ tolerance for each other, their willingness to listen, and their willingness to actively participate in the negotiation. Once resolution is reached, we follow through with recording the agreement in writing for signature by the parties to ensure all concerns are satisfactorily resolved.


We begin charging for our services only after both parties have agreed to mediate.
In addition to our professional experience, many of our panellists have undergone intensive mediation training and have an ongoing commitment to the evolution and refinement of mediation practices. What this means for you is access to professionals with the precise skills and expertise you need to help resolve your dispute.



Aequitate has a team of panellists with vast experience in designing, drafting training material and facilitating training that covers every aspect of labour law and conflict resolution, including HR policies, procedures and practices.


Aequitate’s Training includes:

  • Employment Equity
  • Protection of Personal Information
  • Chairing of disciplinary enquiries
  • Initiating disciplinary enquiries
  • Dealing with incapacity/poor performance at the workplace
  • Handling harassment in the workplace
  • Conflict Resolution & ADR Training


Audit and Compliance of Workplace Policies and Procedures and Drafting of Employment and Fixed Term Contracts and Consultancy Agreements


Our expert panellists at Aequitate conduct compliance audits to advise your business where updates and new policies and procedures need to be drafted and where necessary, assist in providing a full range of compliance services in areas including: BCEA; Occupational Health and Safety; Employment Equity and POPI. We encourage our clients to be pro-active about compliance by conducting in-house due diligences to avoid the consequences of hefty fines and negative reputational impacts.