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About Aequitate

AEQUITATE is the Latin term for justice, fairness and impartiality and is the origin of the English word “equity”.

Aequitate offers a full suite of dispute resolution services by a highly qualified and experienced team of panellists. We are committed to providing cost-effective, expeditious and equitable dispute resolution, compliance and training services, observing the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Our Service Offerings

  • Mediation/ Facilitation/ Alternate Dispute Resolution of Conflict in Business and in the Workplace
  • Compliance and Internal Audits of Workplace Policies and Procedures
  • Bespoke and Customized Training and Development
  • Chairing of Disciplinary and Appeal Hearings
  • Chairing of Grievance Hearings
  • Conducting Internal Workplace Investigations
we are experts at the following




Aequitate is uniquely placed to offer you a panel of nationally accredited and experienced mediators to help you get your disputes resolved at reasonable rates. . All our mediators are Conflict Dynamics trained and accredited and have practiced in the employment law realm for many years. We can mediate any dispute including but not limited to:

  • Disciplinary and Grievance hearings
  • Workplace conflict
  • Partnership disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Rule 41A mediations

Disciplinary, Appeal and Grievance Hearings

Dealing with disciplinary and grievance hearings expeditiously whilst always maintaining a high standard of professional is of paramount importance to our team because we understand the potential negative impacts for our clients. Aequitate can provide chairpersons highly qualified and experienced chairpersons to conduct hearings in an objective, fair and professional manner. Our chairpersons will ensure that the correct procedures are followed, that the relevant evidence is thoroughly evaluated and that an appropriate sanction is determined, applying the appliable laws and jurisprudence.



Training and subsequent mentoring is fundamental to the growth and sustainability of any enterprise. We can provide training to upskill employees on a range of topics. Our edge is the ability and resources to customise training modules for specific workplaces/industries. Some of our popular training courses include:

  • Chairing and Initiating Disciplinary Hearings
  • Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution in the workplace
  • Preparation for CCMA/Bargaining Council Arbitrations
  • Employment Equity
  • POPIA training and compliance

Compliance and Audit of Employment Contracts, Policies and Procedures

The South African Employment Law arena is fluid and everchanging. Apart from amendments to existing legislation there are also new Codes of Good Practice that are introduced from time to time. In addition, the Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court and Constitutional Court judgements pronounce on the applicability of certain legislative provisions and sometimes expand on their scope of application.

Our expert panellists at Aequitate conduct compliance audits to advise your business where updates and new policies and procedures need to be drafted and where necessary, assist in providing a full range compliance service in areas including: BCEA; Occupational Health and Safety; Employment Equity and POPI. We encourage our clients to be pro-active about compliance by conducting in-house due diligences to avoid the consequences of hefty fines and negative reputational impacts.

Why Clients Choose Us?

Aequitate has always rendered  cost effective, speedy, and professional services to private companies and institutions in different sectors of employment and business throughout South Africa.

We offer a unique, bespoke and customized approach to our services which are sourced from highly experienced panellists who have practised as employment law practitioners, mediators, arbitrators and trainers for many years.

We deliver excellent service

We offer a professional and efficient service and our experienced team of panelists have a wide range of experience and expertise to deal with conflicts and breaches of workplace policies and procedures effectively. We focus on alternate despite resolutions mechanisms to try and resolve workplace conflict which avoids time wasted on protracted disciplinary processes, which often lead to a loss of production hours and fractured employment relations. All our Mediators are Conflict Dynamics trained and accredited and have practiced in the employment law realm for many years.